Vik is the place of the famous black beaches and sniper waves. So selfie loving people be aware ;) …  From Reynisfjara you can see the sea stacks, the arch and great basalt structures…
I got a free lens wash by the rain ;) time to move on :).

The arch
Black & white

We headed of to an encanting canyon. We met a lot of dutch people ofcourse 😜… we dutches tend to show up in the most remote places with drones and camera’s

Stretching ;)

Next up was a crazy drive through lava fields. Lava for miles and miles. I do understand two things … yes nature can be devastating and yes it resbels all sorts of creatures. Even at daylight I can see the Lord of the Rings stuff happening here.

A road trip is about killing Miles ;) but also to stop at the many  picknick places and cleary marked viewpoints ( and no not in the middle of the ring road .. we are crazy but not that crazy). Iceland has wonders around every corner and I guess you are not a proper landowner if you do not have at least one waterfall on your grounds.

After the lava fiels there was a big big  delta en great views of hugh glaciers and snowy mountains. We visted one more waterfall … 😜.. guess more waterfalls than people here 😄.

Last stop for the day .. where the trip ends for most tourists … Glacier Lagoon. One of the most beautiful and also sadest places i have ever seen. A lake growing by the melting of a huge glaciers. Giant mountains breaking of and melting , cushing and grumbling making a 360 due to incoming seawater. Seals playing a game of hide and seak …and tourists enjoying the sun and the views.

Of to the amazing Foss hotel for the night. Nice design, great guy at the reception making us feel welcome, great food, great views… and their own foss ofcourse 👍

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