Still sunny and less windy. We started at Kerió, amazingly colorfull

Amazing colors

After that we hit the road through amazing sceney to a waterfall near Bjurfell named #Hjálparfoss . It is a waterfal in the Fossá river in Southern Iceland. The falls Flow into the mighty glacierriver Þjórsá.

It was magic, sitting there on my own. Nobody around. It felt like being live in the Lord of The Rings movie. I heard things moving around. I saw some birds.. but it might have been a fox ( there were some wings floating around in the water) … or who knows a hobbit or a troll 👍😜

Hobbits Trolls and Orks ???

Than back to the ring road. Having a pitstop and having a chat with the owner of a N1 petrol station. Of to the Frozen beauty at seljalandsfoss

Winter is coming
Cold as ice

We did some glacier watching from a safe distance. Incredable that we were almost alone there. At least 20 minutes i had the place for myself 👍.

1000 weather changes in a day
Retreating quickly 😳

And than Skogafoss … with a lot of selfie loving people 😜

Giant nature small mannkind

Last stop of the day was Dyrhólaey Arch

little elephant

Looks like a little #elephant bathing right? I found it next to the puffin 😜

Clumpsy and funny

Well and iceland air Vik Hotel did not impress us much … room like a sauna with no views on a N1 fuel stop …

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